Sermon Details - Lions, Liars, and Lairs: Oh, my!

Sermon Date: 10/18/2020
Title: Lions, Liars, and Lairs: Oh, my!
Description: Pastor Mark leads us in considering the next chapter of Daniel in the first of two sermons on this chapter. As the Medes & Persians take over what had been Babylon, the new king is prompted by men with Daniels rank to prohibit prayer for 30 days to any god other than the king. Considering with us Daniel's response of living his life as always: in obedience showing uncompromising devotion to God that is defiant to the law against God.
Speakers: Pastor Mark Pluimer
Series: Daniel--God is on the Throne: Hope in a Hostile World
Sermon Content Copyright © 10/18/2020 Pastor Mark Pluimer and/or Covenant Church. All Rights Reserved.

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