Sermon Details - No Neutral Ground

Sermon Date: 01/28/2018
Title: No Neutral Ground
Description: Today we move ahead in Luke to Chapter 11 just following the section focused on the ministry in Galilee. Jesus drives out a demon that has rendered a man mute in the presence of a crowd that has gathered to see and to hear him. Consider the crowd's reaction, how you may have reacted in their situation, and indeed how you react now to this incident. Consider with us the most important question about Jesus that any person must answer: "Who is this guy?" Our responses place us in one of two relationships with Jesus: Either on his side; Or against him regardless how militant or passive that may appear. There is no middle ground. Nobody is neutral on this question.
Speakers: Pastor Mark Pluimer
Series: Becoming Disciples through the Gospel of Luke
Sermon Content Copyright © 01/28/2018 Pastor Mark Pluimer and/or Covenant Church. All Rights Reserved.

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